DiaSys’ Lp-PLA2 FS (Cat. No. 1 7181..) is based on hydrolysis of the substrate 1‑myristoyl‑2‑(4‑nitrophenylsuccinyl)-sn-glycero-3-phosphocholine by the enzyme Lp-PLA2 in sample material. In aqueous solution, the resulting 4-nitrophenolysuccinate immediately decomposes into 4-nitrophenol. Activity of Lp-PLA2 in the sample is represented by the resulting change in absorbance of 4-nitrophenol at a defined wavelength.

Due to the lack of a reference method or reference material for Lp-PLA2, DiaSys standardized their Lp-PLA2 test system to the reagent specific molar extinction coefficient of 4‑nitrophenol.

By this proceeding DiaSys Lp-PLA2 FS is directly traceable to the Lp‑PLA2 reaction product 4‑nitrophenol.